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Constructor has a new name

Seth Purcell
Seth Purcell
May 18, 2023

When we started Constructor two years ago, we were scratching our own itch for a dev tracking and collaboration tool that would stay out of our way and let us focus on the real work. Since then, we’ve discovered that not only do lots of software teams share our craving for uncluttered visibility and simplicity in their work, but so do many non-software teams.

Over the past six months we’ve had dozens of great conversations with general counsels, marketers, HR managers, CEOs, CFOs, chiefs of staff, sales ops leaders, and other managerial roles at companies ranging from just a few employees to many thousands, in a wide range of industries. Almost without exception they were excited by what we’re building and its implications for their work life, and some of them have already onboarded. As a result of these conversations, we’ve decided to reorient our company toward the opportunity to serve all teams, not just software teams.

While we love the name Constructor, a software-specific technical term is probably not the right fit for our new, wider audience. So we’re changing our name to Flat. Flat as in: organizational simplicity. Flat as in: the intentional absence of nested workspaces in our app. And Flat as in: the opposite of the silos that make cross-functional work difficult.

Over the next few days you’ll start to see our product, Slack app, Discord bot, and other assets rebranded as Flat, and eventually the app will redirect itself to our new domain (which will reset your view preferences). We have a lot to figure out on the marketing side, and until our new website is more fleshed out, we’re calling Flat a beta, though as you know it’s already quite capable. On the product side, we’ll keep doing exactly what we’ve been doing: listening to our users and working with you to make our product smarter and more capable, while preserving the simplicity that’s at the heart of its value. We have some major improvements in the works and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

Our vision for Flat is that knowledge workers spend 100% of their time either in productive flow or collaborative meetings doing the real work of thinking, writing, and designing – and zero percent of their time being interrupted by non-urgent things, distracted by noisy communication channels, hunting around for files or conversations, and tussling with overly-complicated tools.

Thanks for using Constructor / Flat, and for helping us make our product better.

Seth Purcell
Seth Purcell is CEO and co-founder at Flat (formerly Constructor).