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Giving tickets their due… dates

Andrew Kallem
Andrew Kallem
Sep 1, 2022

Constructor tickets can now have due dates. And they're completely optional and opt-in – enable them if your team's process would benefit, leave them disabled if it wouldn't.

Ticket with due date

We've heard from a number of users that they'd sometimes like to capture due dates for tickets. We're pleased to announce that, as of today, you can!

Due dates are disabled by default, because one of our product values at Constructor is that complexity should always be opt-in. Not every team will find due dates helpful, and forcing them to see a due date picker on every ticket would add clutter and cognitive overhead.

To enable due dates in your organization, have a team admin visit Admin Settings | General.

After you enable due dates, you'll see a few simple changes:

  • When you're creating a new ticket or visiting a ticket's page, you'll see a new due date picker alongside the other ticket metadata.
  • On the board, a ticket's due date is shown in the top right corner. For tickets that are in flight (not complete or archived), the date is highlighted in yellow when the ticket is one weekday away from due, and it's shown in red when the ticket is due today or (gasp!) overdue.
Ticket due date picker

We've intentionally designed ticket due dates to be flexible, with minimal assumptions about what "due" means to you. Obviously, you can use a ticket's due date to represent when the ticket should be completed by. But you can also use a due date to represent related ideas like an estimated ship date or a calendar commitment made to an outside party. Adopt whatever convention makes sense for your team's preferred way of working.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Andrew Kallem
Andrew Kallem is lead engineer and co-founder at Flat (formerly Constructor).