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Our product philosophy is as much about what we leave out as what we put in. But we've put a lot in.

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Task boardsConstructorTrelloJiraGitHub ProjectsShortcut
Hideaway backlog
List view
Arbitrary blockers
Add ticket anywhere
Public boards
CodingConstructorTrelloJiraGitHub ProjectsShortcut
Linked PRs visible on the board
Auto-linking PRs from branch names
PR details right on the board
Deploy previews on cards
CollaborationConstructorTrelloJiraGitHub ProjectsShortcut
Assignable discussion threads
Multiple owners
HierarchyConstructorTrelloJiraGitHub ProjectsShortcut
Child tickets
Multiple parents
Any number of levels
PlanningConstructorTrelloJiraGitHub ProjectsShortcut
Dedicated backlog
Ticket sizing
Due dates
Absolute priorities
Calendar view
First-class iterations/sprints
MobileConstructorTrelloJiraGitHub ProjectsShortcut
Native app
IntegrationsConstructorTrelloJiraGitHub ProjectsShortcut
ChecklistsConstructorTrelloJiraGitHub ProjectsShortcut
Explicit checklists
Multiple checklists
Workflow-linked checklists
Task promotion
Task owners
OtherConstructorTrelloJiraGitHub ProjectsShortcut
My work menu
WYSIWYG editor
Dark theme
Keyboard shortcuts
Ticket templates
Data modelConstructorTrelloJiraGitHub ProjectsShortcut
Custom fields