Can I import data from my current tool?

Of course! Constructor has a one-click import from Trello and Jira covering all of your key data, including board configuration, tickets, users, labels, comments, and more.

Using another tool? Just let us know and we'll work with you – for free – to get your data into Constructor.

Can you help me get my team set up?

We’ve designed Constructor so you can get your team fully set up in just a few minutes, but if for any reason you have a question or need some help, just send us an email or click “Chat with support” in the app to start a live chat with a real human on our team.

Does Constructor support effort estimation or ticket sizing?

Yes, Constructor supports T-shirt sizes and Fibonacci points out-of-the-box, but Constructor is designed to be flexible and supports other schemes, even completely custom schemes. Just let us know what your team is using.

How does access control work?

Constructor’s access control model is straightforward. There are three privilege levels:

  • Admins
  • Members, who can access all boards
  • Guests, who are restricted to only the boards they’ve been explicitly added to

If you need more granular permissions, let us know, as we’d love to learn about your use case.


How does the GitHub integration work?

Constructor’s GitHub integration is a real-time bidirectional sync:

  • GitHub PR details ⇒ Constructor ticket: When a PR is opened for a ticket, Constructor displays the PR details on the ticket including the PR’s live build status, reviewers, mergeability, and deploy preview links.
  • Constructor ticket details ⇒ GitHub PR: Constructor posts a comment on the PR with the details about the ticket to provide context for reviewers and to make it easy to get back to the ticket in Constructor.

Setup takes just one click and requires that you have permission to install our GitHub App onto your GitHub organization.

Check out our instant sandbox demo for a working example.

Can I connect Constructor to multiple GitHub repos?

Yes. When you install our GitHub App, you can choose which repo or repos Constructor should have access to. The only limitation is that the repos must all be within the same GitHub organization. If your team uses multiple GitHub organizations, let us know.

How does Constructor associate GitHub PRs with tickets?

Constructor associates GitHub PRs with tickets via the head branch name. Constructor suggests a branch name you can copy/paste, but any branch that incorporates the ticket’s ID will be automatically associated with the ticket. For example, for a ticket with ID #123, PRs from a branch named 123-foobar, 123_foobar, or foo/123-bar would all be associated with that ticket.

Can Constructor track multiple pull requests for one ticket?

Definitely! While we recognize some teams prefer a model where tickets are one-to-one with PRs – and Constructor doesn’t stop teams from using that model – we think it’s completely reasonable to have multiple PRs for a single ticket. In fact, we do this all the time ourselves.

Which branching model works best with Constructor?

Constructor is optimized for trunk-based development. However, any branching model will work just fine. If you’re using a different branching model, please contact us; we’d love to chat about your dev process.

Does Constructor use GitHub issues as its backing store?

No, Constructor has its own data model and store.

Does Constructor work with GitLab?

Not yet, but it’s on our roadmap. If you’re using GitLab and are eager to adopt Constructor, please do let us know, as it helps inform our prioritization.


How do the Slack and Discord integrations work?

Adding Constructor to your Slack workspace or Discord guild lets your team members receive notifications for events in Constructor that pertain to them, like being made the owner of a ticket or mentioned in a comment. It’s not a shared teamwide channel; each user gets their own dedicated private channel between themselves and Constructor just for the notifications that are relevant to them personally.

How does the Figma integration work?

Constructor lets you display live embeds of Figma designs simply by adding a Figma link to a ticket’s description. There’s no setup required.

How does the Loom integration work?

Constructor lets you embed Loom videos simply by adding a Loom link to a ticket's description or a comment. There’s no setup required.

How does the Netlify integration work?

Constructor automatically detects if Netlify is connected to your GitHub build and provides a link to the Netlify deploy preview for open PRs. There’s no setup required.

Can you integrate with [X]?

We’re rapidly building out additional integrations. If there’s one that’s important to you, do let us know! We love learning about how different teams operate, and it helps inform our prioritization.


Can I run Constructor on-prem?

No, but please let us know if that’s something you’re interested in.

Can we export our data out of Constructor?

Yes, as JSON.

What’s your security posture?

We take security very seriously. Our founding team has deep experience in information security, risk management, and compliance. Our infosec program includes conducting regular internal risk assessments. If you’re aware of a security vulnerability in Constructor, please let us know immediately at support@constructor.dev.